A Message to Our Loyal Customers

To our loyal customers,

With the Coronavirus alert, the George Martin Restaurant Group is taking the utmost care and precautions in ensuring the safety of our staff, customers and our community. We are actively watching over this virus and doing everything that we can to be as proactive as possible.

Our restaurants are always held to the highest standards when it comes to hygiene and we will continue to do just that. We are also having hand sanitizer stations placed throughout our restaurants and having extra cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and night in our establishments to help keep all of our patrons safe.

We will continue to watch over the Coronavirus situation and will comply with any advice delivered by the U.S Department of State, local health authorities and the CDC. Our customers and staff are all our priority and we will do everything we can to keep our establishments as a safe and clean spot for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal.